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A support tool for entities

My friend Josh Salisbury, in his latest blog post,  narrates the unmatched  characteristic of E-Commergy,  a spectacular TC product. It's reproduced here for the benefit of BB and TWOC Community. 


Consider a resource that will give you a decided advantage over your competition: ECOMMERGY

Designed especially with you in mind, ECommergy is a site for and by ecommerce entrepreneurs that can help you build a successful, profitable small business.

A standard ECommergy subscription features:

* "Best of the best" articles, videos, and audios from across the web, hand-selected and curated by us and other experts in ecommerce.

* Exclusive articles and other content.

* New content added daily.

* Our exclusive "Ask An Expert" program allows you to get your questions personally answered by ecommerce experts at no additional cost.

* Sophisticated search engine makes finding the exact content you're looking for fast and easy.

* Peer ratings and reviews.

* A variety of tools and features for managing your favorite articles, reading lists, etc.


A standard ECOMMERGY subscription with FULL ACCESS to the entire site starts at just $9.97 (just $.33/day) and comes with 500 VersaPoints (VP). You can also quickly get ALL your required sales VP (SVP) for your Team Leader rank with a subscription to ECommergy Premium Subscription "C" or higher that comes with 2000+ SVP.

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Also please pass this information and the above link to family and friends that would also like to supercharge their business.

- Josh Salisbury