In the name of Almighty Spirituality inspires

In the name of Almighty Spirituality inspires

Spirituality Inspires


Guide and be guided

As taught by Art of Living, this website is determined to motivate every noble human effort on earth.

Universe has the impact of

of divine energy.

Impact is certain in every front, if we have faith.

Follow the goals set by your conscience and move forward to exercise the same enthusiasm everyday, immaterial there's success or not. 

One lifetime may not be enough for the soul to achieve the task, to perform which it came to existence in the vast nature.

Global Meditation


Global Meditation

Global Meditation twice daily at IST 12-Noon and IST 19.30 for all of us to counter the threat of Covid - 19. Twenty million people from 142 nations participated and availed the benefit this evening a short while ago.

Click on the link below to join, free of cost: